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Return Policy

*YOU MUST CALL FOR A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER THIS NUMBER MUST BE WRITTEN ON THE PACKAGE/LABEL, AS DOES THE NAME THE MERCHANDISE WAS PURCHASED UNDER. *ALL MERCHANDISE MUST BE IN NEW CONDITION. -Tires must not be driven on. -Wheels must not have been mounted on vehicle. *All merchandise must be in original boxes. *If customer returns product: -Do not ship via the U.S. Postal Service. -Make sure merchandise is fully insured. -Return Authorization number must be clearly written on package and label. *All returns or cancellations subject to freight and handling charge plus 25% restocking fee or 25% cancellation fee of the total amount.

*ABSOLUTELY NO returns or cancellations on special orders. (for example: drilled or specially gold or chrome plated wheels). *If you mount the rims or tires on the car, or the tires on the rims ABSOLUTELY NO returns.

Return Wheels * Secure center cap and lug nuts/bolts in separate bags and tape securely to inside of wheel. * If returning two wheels in one box, must hare protective cardboard between wheels. * Wheel must have a foam sheet pad protecting the face of the wheel from cardboard chafing. * Wheel must be secured and well protected in the box. * Any Styrofoam packing material received with the shipment must be reused in the same way. * Remove any staples that are not fully closed from the box.

Return Tires * Tires must not have been mounted on wheels. * each tire must be labeled with Tire and Wheel Master address as well as your own address. * Return Authorization Number must be clearly marked on the label. * Tires cannot be returned after 7 days from date of receiving the tires. * Tires cannot be returned if they are financed.

Return Wheel & Tires Package * When possible, use original packaging material. * Original packaging consists of - Three cardboard layers (two for the face of the wheel and one for the backside of the wheel). - Foam or bubble wrap layers are required to protect the face of the wheel from cardboard chafing. - Padded envelope containing any lug hardware. * The tire/wheel package must be repackaged in the same fashion as when they were originally received. * If nylon banding is unavailable, a high-strength tape may be substituted to hold cardboard and foam securely on the tire/wheel package. Why customer won't get a refund? * We are not able to give credit on a return, due to improper packaging. -The packages are not treated gently during shipment, and without the proper packaging, the wheels are damaged. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the wheels are protected. * Under no circumstance will Tire and Wheel Master accept a return of product that is damaged due to the negligence of the customer!!! Remember, the wheels are still your (the customer) property until we get them back.

Manufactures Warranty * All products sold by Tire and Wheel Master carry the standard manufacturer’s warranty. -Tire and Wheel Master will be happy to help when a warranty problem arises. Beyond the standard manufactures warranty, there are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitment for any particular purpose. * NO WARRANTY ON GOLD PLATED WHEELS AND PAINTED WHEELS. * ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CHROME PLATED WHEELS (wire wheels are excluded) * CUSTOMER PAYS FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING BOTH WAYS ON ALL WARRANTIES OR ADJUSTMENTS. * NO WARRANTIES ON RUSTED WIRE WHEELS. Se Habla Español

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