Your Guide To Fender Flares

Your Guide To Fender Flares

What are fender flares?

Fender flares are placed directly over your wheel, and they are extended from your vehicle. They are used on most trucks and large SUVs. This addition is important for many reasons, as fender flares serve for multiple purposes.

Their Purpose

Fender flares are not only fashionable, but they are used as a safety precaution. Large tires can pick up debris and rocks from the road, and cause damage to your own vehicle. This can potentially damage another vehicle as well, or harm a passerby. When you add fender flares onto your vehicle, you are making the road a safe place.

The Law

Some states require fender flares to be added onto vehicles with larger tires. Make sure to research the laws of your state regarding fender flares, and if your vehicle qualifies for them. Fender flares can also disguise any damage or rust around the body and wheel well, creating a better look for your vehicle overall.

Your Guide To Fender Flares

If your vehicle has larger wheels, then fender flares are a must! You can find fender flares at Tire and Wheel master, perfect for your truck or SUV. Our professionals will guide you through the process of choosing the correct flares, and will enhance your vehicle with a stylish look. It’s never too late to stop by, come take advantage of our fantastic deals, and learn more about your truck or SUV needs.

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