Why Wraps Are Better Than Paint

If you’re thinking about changing the look of your vehicle, but don’t want to fully commit to a color, then vehicle wraps are perfect for you!

Why Wraps Are Better Than Paint

How Does It Work?

Using a heated gun, the professional will drape your vehicle using a vinyl wrap material in the color of your choice, and sculpt it around your vehicle. This procedure creates a seal between the original paint on your car and the new wrap, acting as a protectant layer to the paint underneath.

What Makes It So Special?

Different from paint, vehicle wraps will not damage the original coat of paint on your vehicle, and will allow you to change the color of your car without having to paint it! Like a chameleon, you can easily switch the color and style of your vehicle without any damage to your paint, and you can mix and match with the options of a full wrap, partial or half, or just sections; such as your roof, mirrors, or a trim.

Advantages of Car Wraps

Wraps will prevent your vehicle from scratches and bumps caused by normal wear and tear that slowly chip away at your paint job. If you have any damage to your vehicle caused by road debris, then wraps make it easy to re-wrap specific sections of the car to make it look brand new again!

Tire & Wheel Master offers an assortment of wraps in a variety of finishes, colors, and materials. Wraps allow you to express yourself on the road, and distinguish your vehicle from the rest, without having to permanently alter the exterior look. For a new style, or something fresh, wraps give you the ability to express yourself creatively and change up your style, so let us transform your vehicle!

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