Why Winter Tires Are Important For Your Car

Why Winter Tires Are Important For Your Car

In recent years, Houston has experienced a little more ice, sleet, and wintry conditions then in the past. With massive pileups, and road closures, winter tires are important for your vehicle, even if Houston doesn’t receive as much snow as other places. Take a look at the difference winter tires can make when driving in harsh conditions.


Winter tires provide better handling for wet, icy, and slippery road conditions. They assist with traction and help to prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding off the road. Better handling means safer driving, and when the weather gets rough, you’ll want to feel confident that your tires are reliable.


The stopping power is also an improvement, so when you hit your brakes your tires are not going to skid. Winter tires will have better traction to grip and hold onto the road. Wet roads already make for a slippery ride, and when you add cold temperatures, it can create icy conditions, only causing your vehicle to slip even more.

They Last

There’s no point in keeping your winter tires on your vehicle in the hot summer months. So when winter ends, and the temperature warms back up, switch out your tires to the ones you had on before the winter season. This will make them last longer and won’t wear out the tread.

Why Winter Tires Are Important For Your Car

Tire and Wheel Master is getting ready for the winter season, and we want you to be prepared as well! Come take a look at our selective tires, and let our professionals assist you in finding the right tires for your winter season.

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