Why Do Your Tires Deflate In The Winter?

Why Do Your Tires Deflate In The Winter?

The winter season has finally arrived, and as colder temperatures come our way, you may have noticed that pesky little tire pressure light turn on. This common occurrence has a pretty easy explanation, cold weather deflates your tires. Let’s find out why!

The correlation between temperature and pressure will surely make your TPMS light turn on, but there’s no need to panic. As the temperature changes outside, the pressure inside your tire will also begin to change. Living in Texas, your tire pressure is most likely set during the hot summer months, so once the cold air arrives, the air inside your tire will contract and lower the pressure, which will cause your light to go off.

You may notice that this will happen to your vehicle if you leave it outside over night when the temperatures drop, then in the morning your light is on. No need to worry, the best way to avoid this is to check your tire pressure monthly, especially when the seasons begin to change. Try to check it as early as possible in the morning, as the more you drive, the more friction will occur and cause your tires to warm up, thus creating an incorrect reading.

Why Do Your Tires Deflate In The Winter?

Maintaining a proper tire pressure will help to keep good fuel efficiency, as under-inflated tires can burn up your gas mileage quicker than normal. Proper tire pressure will also prevent you from blowouts, as driving on under-inflated tires can cause overheating.

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