Why Choose Partial Wraps?

Partial wraps are another option for those who want to change up their vehicle, but may not want to completely alter the design of the entire vehicle. Partial wraps give you the option to add a splash of color without going overboard.

Why Choose Partial Wraps?

Compared to a full wrap, partial wraps are offered in a variety of options and allow you to wrap specific sections of your vehicle, such as just the hood, roof, and/or vents, etc. This give you the opportunity to truly design a new style for your vehicle by mixing and matching colors or patterns for a look that is unique for your driving tastes.

When you choose a partial wrap over a full wrap, you’re allowed a bit more freedom in your design, and you can really make a statement when you create a custom look using partial wraps. It’s time to give your car some personality, and start designing your unique look. Maybe you want a classy black and white wrap? Or for the die-hard Texans fans, turn your red car into a Texans mobile, with a blue roof and mirrors.

If you have an idea we can help you create it! Stop by today for some help choosing a partial vehicle wrap, and let our experts at Tire & Wheel Master give you their advice!

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