Spring/Summer 2013: Two-Toned Wheels


If you’re interested in riding a stylish, up-to-the-minute vehicle, you’ll probably be interested in knowing the hottest wheel trend for Spring/Summer 2013.

Two-toned custom painted wheels are the way to go!

This modern and edgy wheel has two (2) contrasting colors on each spoke that gives each wheel a distinctive highlight. The bold, striking lines create an unmistakable sense of individuality and stylishness. Typically, each wheel is color-matched to duplicate the color of the vehicle and enhance the visual appeal of the wheel.

Most popularly seen on seven (7) spoke wheels like The Andros Wheel by Giovanna.

You too can give your vehicle a daring new look! Let TIRE AND WHEEL MASTER custom paint your wheels and help you rejuvenate your vehicle today!


This service is available at any of our three (3) Houston locations and can be completed in three (3) working business days.


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