Top 4 Car Wrap Ideas For The Holiday Season

Top 4 Car Wrap Ideas For The Holiday Season

Some people just love the holiday season! And if you’re the exact opposite of the Grinch, and enjoy spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear, then these holiday car wrap themes will be the perfect addition to your decorating madness this year!

Classic Green and Red

If you’re going for a classic look, then why not just go for green and red?! A mix of these two colors will have everyone cheerful and happy when they drive by you on the road.

Winter Wonderland

The perfect combination of an icy blue, silver, and white, will have your car looking wintry in no time! Houston doesn’t get a lot of snow, but if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, then a winter car wrap might be the closest you can possibly get!

Simply Red

If you’re not a very bold person, but still want to change up your car for the holiday season, then a classic red wrap will surely make a statement, without going overboard. Truly classy, a complete red vehicle will even have Santa envious of your ride.

Fun and Trendy

There are plenty of holiday color schemes to choose from, but one of the more popular and trendy themes out today is a mint, pink, and red combination. This whimsical theme puts a new spin on the classic red and green colors, and gives them a much lighter look!

Top 4 Car Wrap Ideas For The Holiday Season

Enjoy your holiday season by stopping by Tire and Wheel Master for a up close view of the items we have to offer! Wrap up more than just a gift, and get the perfect car wrap for your vehicle.

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