The Variety Of Vellano Wheels

Vellano wheels are truly unlike any other! Discover the impact that Vellano wheels can have on your vehicle, as we explore the variety of options that they offer drivers everywhere.

Vellanos have more than just a signature style, they stand out from the rest of the wheels rolling by on the road, and add an extra flair to your ride. From vibrant colors, to sleek looks, Vellanos provide the perfect amount of spark that vibe with your ideal design.

Fierce and distinctive, each design is vastly different from the next, and can be customized to your liking. For example, the Vellano VCX concave wheels have an industrial, honeycomb look, creating an almost robotic style.


For something classic, but just as dramatic, the Vellano VCV concave wheels have that slick, classic design with a bit of an edge. These wheels have a distinct smoothness to them that catches your eye and gleams on the streets.


Clean cut, straight edge, these propeller lookalikes will make your car feel like it’s flying high. Industrial, yet modern, these wheels will transform your vehicle into something truly contemporary.


This is just a taste of what the Vellano wheel line has to offer. For more designs, and to get a quote on Vellano wheels for your car take a closer look at what we have to offer, stop by Tire and Wheel Master today!

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