The Different Types Of Off Road Lights

The Different Types Of Off Road Lights

Lights for your off­road vehicle are a very important feature! We want you to have fun while off­roading, but all stay safe. Let’s explore the different types of lights you can get for your off-roading adventures.


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and have a tendency to be much more eco­friendly as they do not generate as much heat as other types of lights do. LED lights are pleasing to the eye, and add a real beauty to your vehicle as they mesmerize passing drivers. These types of lights are common in replacement brake lights, daytime lights, and turn signals.


HID, or also known as, High Intensity Discharge, are a more modern version light for your off-roading vehicle. These lights are know to have a bit of a blue hue, and give off a futuristic and modern look.


Halogen lights are commonly used in off-­road vehicles, and tend to come equipped with the purchase. They are not the top­-of-­line, or most sophisticated lights, but they do last a long time and tend to be more budget friendly!

Projector Bulb Upgrades

If you’re looking to intensify your lights more than just the average bulbs, then many bulb models come in a projector upgrade form. For example: if you want HID lights, you can get HID projector lights which will enhance your nighttime visibility much more than the standard model. As most upgrades, projector bulbs will cost you a higher amount.

The Different Types Of Off Road Lights

If you can’t quite decide which lights to get for your vehicle, then stop by today and let our professional staff help you choose the right bulbs! Tire and Wheel Master provides assistance when you need it, and we’ve got a variety of options for you to choose from!

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