Simple Steps To Changing A Tire

Flat tires are unpredictable, and the last situation you want to be in, is stranded on the side of the road. Knowing how to change a tire is important for all drivers! Here are easy steps to changing your tire, then next time you are on the side of the road with a blowout.

  1. Find A Safe Place
  2. A flat tire can occur just about anywhere on the road, so it’s important to find a safe place when you pull over. You are going to need space to replace the tire, so it’s best to pull over from the main highway and onto a side street, if possible. Once parked, turn on your flashers to warn other drivers of your parked car.

  3. Grab Tools
  4. You’ll need a jack, lug wrench, and your spare tire! It’s important to always have these tools on hand in case of an emergency. Keep them stored in your trunk, so that they are out of the way until you need them!

  5. Loosen The Nuts
  6. First remove the hubcap, and then use the lug wrench to loosen the nuts. Do not completely remove the lug nuts at this time; instead only turn the lug wrench once to slightly loosen them.

  7. Jack Up The Vehicle
  8. Now you will lift up your vehicle! Crank up your car until the flat tire is off the ground, enough so that you can replace it, this will give you enough room to remove and replace the tire.

  9. Remove The Nuts & Wheel
  10. Now you can completely remove the lug nits, make sure to place them in a spot where they won’t roll away and/or get lost. Remove the flat tire by pulling it towards you.

  11. Put On Your Spare
  12. Replace the flat tire with your new tire by aligning it with the wheel bolts. Put your lug nuts back on turning it as tightly as possible. Once you are finished lower the vehicle back to the ground.

Simple Steps To Changing A Tire

At Tire and Wheel Master, we carry a variety of tires for your vehicle to maintain a safe ride each time. If it’s time to replace your tires, then stop by today for an estimate on your car!

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