Polaris Slingshot CITTY Edition by TWMHTX

Houston is a huge city, and if you’re really looking for a way to stand out from the crowd you’ve got to drive something that’s bound to turn heads! Make a statement in a customized ride decked out from head to toe by Tire and Wheel Master.

Polaris Slingshot CITTY Edition

The Polaris Slingshot is the perfect vehicle to design around your personal style. Featured is a Polaris Slingshot wrapped in a decadent gold, rolling on fierce wheels popping with fine lines of gold to match. This special CITTY edition features multi-color halo lights that illuminate the Houston streets as you make your way around town, adding that extra allure to attract just the right amount of attention when you roll by.

With a sleek structure and edgy composition, this metallic beauty will leave others hanging in the dust, and have you going for the gold…literally! The open and airy concept allows you to get a real feel for Houston as you head on the highways, and show off your custom creation, making drivers envious of your captivating ride.

Make a statement; be bold, be daring, and create your very own Polaris Slingshot with Tire and Wheel Master! We can help you finance your design today, no credit needed!

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