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Custom car and truck enthusiasts with lowering kits seem to be absolutely everywhere in Houston these days. Being in the great Houston, TX streets it’s awesome and fun, but if you’ve only got a “stock” vehicle with no drop kit (lowering kit), you’re going to be disappointed and your pride’s gonna get hurt. No one wants to go to car meetings and have to park far away because they’re car/truck is stock. Getting a suspension lowering kit designed for high performance is the solution!

Top 5 Reasons To Get a Lowering Kit

At Tire and Wheel Master, we sell and install lowering kits in Houston, Texas, and do it for a price that’s fair. Also, our team of vehicle suspension experts have many years of experience, and  we often go out of our way to make sure you’re happy with the end result. We figure, if you’re TRULY happy, you’ll tell a friend about us and our lowering kits, and we’ll get more business.

  1. Better Aerodynamics – With your suspension lowered, the clearance height of the vehicle will be lower to, resulting in less airflow going underneath the vehicle while you’re driving. This means less wind resistance, an improvement in gas mileage, and a “dropped down” sporty look that people seeing your truck/car will be sure to enjoy.
  2. Less Rollover Risk – When a truck sits high up in the air because of body lifts/suspension lifts, it has a high risk of tipping over when going over terrain at high speeds. With the suspension drop kit, you might get additional traction, but more-so than that, the lower center of gravity will pose much less risk for rollover scenarios.
  3. Increased Comfort – With a lowering kits, most drivers report that the added stiffness in the suspension provides a much more comfortable travel experience.
  4. Additional Custom Upgrade Options – Lowering the clearance height of your vehicle allows you to add more custom add-ons. Low rider trucks are popular in both street and high performance competitions for their looks and ability to perform in different settings.
  5. A Better Suspension Experience Overall – Most people will tell you, that if you’re into even moderately vehicle customization, that you are better-off with a lowering kit. A lifted suspension and fast off-road driving can be extremely dangerous!

Get Better Performance From a Lowering Kit!

Buying a stock vehicle that’s got a CHANCE to perform well in the outdoors will lead to disappointment when it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Buying a vehicle is like buying a meal fr‎om a restaurant. You can bring the meal home and “spice it up” however you want, but if you expect the original recipe to amaze you, you’re going to be disappointed.

The same holds true in the automotive customization industry. There’s many types of vehicles designed to be custom upgraded in order to serve a specific purpose. But, if you try to force your stock vehicle to serve your purpose without upgrading it first with a suspension drop kit, it’s not going to work out.

Through exploring the wheelmaster.wpengine.com website, you can see each individual service, read the full service descriptions, and check out some ideas to get you on your way.

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