Off Road Lights in Houston

When it comes to custom off road light-bars and headlights in Houston, Texas, don’t settle for the pre-installed/stock option! Custom headlight upgrades will help your off-road vehicle project a beam longer, farther, and stronger than ever! Stock headlights are most often limited to a basic, two headlight design, placed within the headlight “pits” in the front of the vehicle.

These days, you can totally customize your off road headlight options to include things like dimmers, dome lights, your choice of headlight types (Halogen/LED/HID/CFL/Xenon/Projection Based), your choice of manufacturers, including; Warn, Rigid Industries, KC HiLITES, Pro comp, PIAA, and Hella, your choice of styles/designs/colors, and more.

If you’ve got a custom headlight design you want us to put in, we can handle that too. No matter how you want your custom headlights to look, we’re in Houston, Texas and we’ve got the skills and experience to make it happen!

Custom Off Road Headlight Upgrades in Houston

Many people think that when they buy a new/used truck or SUV (Jeep), that the stock headlights are doing a perfectly fine job of illuminating their night time driving. Nothing could be further from the truth. Below, we’re going to outline the difference between the various headlight types available in the marketplace. LED, HID, Halogen, Xenon, and CFL all have different lighting qualities, and you can choose the right type for you, according to your needs and budget.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) – LED’s make great replacements for stock headlights, they look beautiful, and generate much less heat than halogen bulbs. The beam “bounces off” roadway signs better than standard halogen bulbs for increased visibility. LED’s are used in replacement brake lights, turn signals, and daytime running lamps too.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) – When you see a unique “blue tint” coming from a cars headlights, that’s the sign of an HID equipped off road vehicle. HID headlight technology is relatively new, and people love to see the futuristic “blue tint” coming down the road. The Xenon trademark name is often associated with HID headlight technology.

Halogen – Consisting of a tungsten filament and a glass filament capsule, halogen bulbs are what generally come stock in every new off road truck, Jeep, or SUV for sale in Houston, TX. They’re not the highest quality headlamp available, but they last for a respectable amount of time and are very cost efficient.

CFL (Compact Flourescent Lamp) – With CFL headlights, electric current goes through a tube filled with argon and mercury vapor, which then excites the phosphor fluorescent coating to emit the headlamp beam. CFL’s last significantly longer than stock headlights.

Projector Bulb Upgrades – Many types of off-road headlight bulbs will have the ability for you to choose a “projection” model as the bulb type. For example, there’s HID bulbs, yes, but there’s also HID projection bulbs too. Bulbs like LED’s are available in ordinary and projection types as well. “Projection” enhanced bulbs increase night time visibility distance a great deal, but they’re more expensive than regular bulbs.

We’ve Got TONS Of Custom Lighting Options!

If you’re not auto-savvy, and are new to customizing your off road vehicles lighting in Houston, TX, headlight upgrades are just the beginning! You can totally upgrade every aspect of your vehicles lighting system and create a performance package that commands respect.

Brake lights, turn signals (front/back/side mirrors), dome lights, running board lights, headlights, undercarriage lights, KC lights, LED light bars, spot lights, neon lighting, and more! At Tire and Wheel Master, we can install any type of off-road lighting for a fair price. And, if you’re worried about the law and legal restrictions of the city of Houston, we set your lighting system up to be 100% street legal.

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