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The Tire and Wheel Master team has gone to great lengths to ensure that not only the quality of the leveling kits they offer in Houston, Texas, but they also spend a lot of time ensuring they have leveling kits that will fit even vehicles that go back to the first makes and models of Jeeps. No matter what truck or SUV you have, we have a leveling kit that will fit it.

How Leveling Kits Are Used in Houston

Leveling kits aren’t the same as suspension lowering kits or lift kits. Instead of taking a whole vehicle approach, where you raise both the front and back suspension at once, with a leveling kit, you can increase/decrease suspension clearance inches in either the front or back of a truck/SUV independently.

Why is The Ability to do This Important?
Applying clearance lift or clearance lowering in the front or back of a truck using a leveling kit provides better truck performance on specific terrains, as well as the ability to carry large payload weights safely. This way, when the payload weight is loaded, it pushes down on the trucks suspension during travel, but thanks to the suspension leveling kit in Houston, it doesn’t push down to such a degree that the suspension “bottoms out”.

A good example is a truck that carries a heavy load on its bed. If the truck has to go off-road, and the off-road terrain has severe potholes and dips, then leveling either the front or the back makes the most sense. The suspension leveling kit can be adjusted to lift or lower the suspension clearance to ensure safe travel.

Different Types Of Truck Leveling Kits

  • Strut Extension Leveling Kit – Late model SUV’s and half-ton trucks frequently use coil-over struts for the front suspension. So, for vehicles with coil-over struts, we’ll use a strut extension leveling kit. A spacer gets placed on the top of the strut, thereby lifting the vehicle.
  • Torsion Key Leveling Kit – Through manipulation of your vehicles torsion bar, we use torsion keys along with a torsion key adjuster tool to achieve clearance.
  • Coil Spacer Leveling Kit – This leveling kit is very similar to strut extensions using a spacer, only in with this leveling kit, the spacer is added to the top of the spring buckets instead of the strut itself.
  • Block Leveling Kit – Block leveling kits are by far the most preferred method of lifting either the front or back of a vehicle. Above all other forms of leveling kits, block kits are chosen most often.

So remember, when it comes to keeping the health of your tires and suspension in good condition, a leveling kit could be what you need to prevent costly “wear and tear” in Houston’s streets.

Trucks Designed For Leveling Kits

The Ford F-250 is a great full-size work truck that can be custom modified to serve a WIDE variety of ¬†purposes. A leveling along with a set of dually tires allow it to have more grip and traction, and installing tires with off-road tread increases the “traction bite” even more. The way the engine is geared helps a lot for torque/pulling purposes, and opting for a diesel engine, instead of traditional gasoline, is common. 4X4 helps a lot for traction too.

The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is a small size 2015 truck that can be upgraded with many different kinds of off-road accessories. You can install custom grills, window tint, gauges, sliders, bumpers, suspension leveling kits, headache rack (also called cab protector), custom tires/wheels, shocks, struts, bed liners, winches, and more!

When it comes to upgrading a vehicle’s suspension to gain a higher level of performance with leveling kits, you need an expert group of off road professionals like the ones at Tire and Wheel Master in Houston, TX. Give us a call today at ¬†(713) 981-1200 to get the ball rolling!

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