Grille Guards in Houston, TX

Grille guards in Houston, Texas protect your trucks grille so you can get through rough terrains with ease. Grille guards also provide a mountable surface for custom lighting, winches, tow hooks, and more. And, if you ever need us to REMOVE a grill guard, that’s easy for us to do for you as well.

Often, off-road enthusiasts find themselves in outdoor settings filled with brush and other obstacles that come in direct contact with the front of their off road truck, Jeep, or SUV. Outdoor brush obstacles can smash in your headlights, bust through your vehicles grille, and even cause engine damage! Grille guards do a great job of protecting your vehicle in the event of collisions with deer and other obstructions.

Grille Guards Features and Benefits

  • Constructed From Heavy Duty Steel – The material of choice for most grille guards in Houston is heavy-duty steel. It lasts for many years, it’s strong enough to support extremely heavy weights for work purposes, and can be molded into multiple designs you can choose from. Different grill guard designs/models/manufacturers have unique features you can explore to find the right one for you.
  • Multiple Finishes To Choose From – Most grille guards we sell at Tire and Wheel Master come with a powder coat finish to protect the metal from rust and corrosion. You can expect a good many years of rust-free performance from powder coat finishes. There’s also chrome plated and polished finishes available.
  • Extra-Large Steel Tubing – Grille guards are designed to protect your vehicle, and also to drag and tow heavy objects. With most grille guards featuring 14-16 gauge steel tubing, you can use a grille guard to assist with a wide variety of different work purposes.
  • Punch Plates Designed For Your Specific Vehicle Make/Model – Grille guards are great, but they wouldn’t be appropriate if they didn’t provide exact coverage for the grill they’re protecting. That’s why, when you choose a grill guard designed for your specific vehicle model, you can be sure it will be covering the exact size and shape of the grille itself.
  • Wrap-Around Styling – With a wrap-around grille guard, you get the most protection for your money. Wrap-around style grille guards provide you with the highest amount of protected coverage area at the most affordable price.
  • Frame Mountable / One Piece Designs – Mounting the grille guard to the frame, which is the strongest mounting point of a truck, ensures the best performance. Also, choosing a grille guard crafted from a single piece of steel means there’s no risk of pieces breaking or falling apart during use. We have grille guards available that mount to the bumper, frame rail, or both at our off road stores in Houston, Texas.
  • Warranty – The grille guards we install at Tire and Wheel Master are backed by a manufacturers warranty. This gives you the peace of mind you deserve, and the ability to recoup any loss due to product defect.

Grille Guards Aren’t All We Offer!

  • Bull Bars – Bull bars are much simpler in design than grille guards. They cost a lot less, and might be better suited to truck owners who don’t need the full functionality that a grill guard provides. Bull bars a great job of protecting the front bumper and the undercarriage of a vehicle too.
  • Rubber Grille Guard Pads – Yes, we’ve got rubber grill guard pads! Protect the investment you’ve made with a rubber grille guard pad. It protects against scratches and abusive treatment, makes the grille guard last longer, and protects the resale value of the vehicle!

We can also install brush bars, winch guards, bumper replacements, and a whole lot more!

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