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Tire and Wheel Master is the spot for all your off road parts in Houston, TX. You will not find a better quality of suspension lift kits, leveling kits, lowering kits, off road wheels, and off road tires anywhere else in Texas.


The hottest accessories, off road parts, lift kits, and lowering kits can be bought at affordable prices. Tire and Wheel Master has been in business since 1997, and satisfied numerous off-road clients, which have ended up as our most reliable partners in quality in the Greater Houston area.


We also carry and install fenders, bumpers, winches, shocks, and truck bed liners. We do in-house installation on all our products. Visit or contact us for more information.

Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits give your truck, Jeep or SUV extra wheel well clearance (3-16 inches), so you can install larger tires if you need/want to. Installing off-road tires after a lift kit can give you the extra traction that bigger tires with more tread provide. Lift kits are usually accomplished using springs and shock absorbers.

Leveling Kits

Very similar to a suspension lift kit, a leveling kit provides additional clearance for either the back or the front, but not necessarily both at once. A leveling kit corrects the payload weight “push down” effect on the suspension, and allows you to travel with a corrected suspension height “stance”. There’s more than one auto part that can go into leveling a vehicle, and you can choose to use just one, or many of these parts to achieve the effect you need.

Body Lift Kits

In addition to being able to lift the suspension through using leveling or lift kits, you can also modify your existing off-road performance by lifting the body of your off road vehicle. Body lift kits are usually accomplished using nylon spacers.


Custom off-road bumpers give you the ability to install a winch, when previously, with the stock bumper, you wouldn’t be able to. Also, custom bumpers are strong enough to allow you to stand on top of the bumper itself. This can help workers load/unload objects more easily, and much more.

Fender Flares

A legal requirement in some states if you’ve upgraded your vehicles stock tire size, fender flares can add some additional visual appeal to stock trucks. Your choice of colors, sizes, and designs are available from many different fender flare manufacturers.

Grille Guards

Grille guards, also known as brush guards, this addition enhances the look of your truck and gives you the ability to add custom lights! Grille guards generally come with pre-drilled holes so you can mount custom lights without having to do any drilling.

LED Bars

LED light bars look awesome on custom off-road vehicles, and you can get yours added for a price that’s affordable.


Custom off road lights allow you to see for long distances at night, and you can combine the spot and flood beam patterns to create an even stronger “combination” beam. There’s also other kinds of off road lights too, such as neon, strip lights that can be applied/installed pretty much anywhere, fog-lamps, and other off road lighting accessories.

Nerf Bars

Nerf bars and running boards are an especially popular add-on with people that want an added support when stepping into the cabin of their vehicle. Nerf bars and running boards are installed below the driver and passenger side door, and make it easier to step in and out of the truck cab without a lot of effort. They also make the truck look better, and it adds to the resale value.

Off Road Tires

Off-road tires with a generous amount of terrain specific tread is key to getting great traction. Not all tire treads/sizes perform the same way, and novice truck owners might overlook that specific tread patterns have a major impact when it comes to “traction bite”.

Off Road Wheels

Off road wheels are great for trucks involved in all-terrain activities. Tire and Wheel Master has big dicounts on all our off road rims for sale. We have the biggest selection of in-stock off road wheels in Houston, TX.. We can provide your truck with a great looking set of new off road wheels and tires, and do it at a great price.


Exploring shock and strut options is lots of fun for beginner off-road enthusiasts. There’s many different shock options out there, including nitrogen, gas, and hydraulic. Research the terrain you’re planning on exploring, and take notes as to the height of objects you have to drive over, as well as the condition of the terrain itself (muddy, has loose rock, etc.) This will help make your shocks and struts choice an easier one.

We Do Installation

Tire and Wheel Master is a one-stop off road shop. We install all the products we sell at our 3 Houston locations.


Our professional off road technicians have decades of experience and they will ensure all off road parts and accessories are installed adequately.

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