Koko SOLID Storm Wheels

The Koko SOLID Storm wheels are from the brand new line of off road wheels from Giovanna wheels. These custom rims are now available for order at Tire and Wheel Master. Call us for more information on any of the Koko SOLID Storm wheels below:

If sportiness is what you seek for in every aspect of life, and sportiness is more than just an innate passion in your life, then the Koko SOLID Storm rims are your option to induce the sporty element in your vehicle as well. It is going to suffice as a boon for the daredevils on the road. The manufacturer of these rims is constantly keeping pace with their contemporaries, continuously working on new designs, new technology, upgrading the previous ones, making driving not only an exciting experience, but a lucid one as well. Koko SOLID Storm rims, like all other products of WTW Corp pertains to the three main criteria; visibility, performance, and safety.

Koko SOLID Storm Wheels in Black with Ball Cut Details Finish Koko SOLID Storm Wheels in Chrome Finish Koko SOLID Storm Wheels in Gloss Black Finish Koko SOLID Storm Wheels in Machined Black Finish

Koko SOLID Storm Wheels Are Trendy and Sporty

Koko SOLID Storm wheels have 8 spokes, imparting it a rugged and rough look. The gloss black finish on it looks absolutely stunning. Chrome or machined black finishes also go well on the Koko SOLID Storm wheels, because they are sporty and trendy. Black with ball cut details deems to be the befitting finish to assert the rugged, hard and tough stature of the owner whose vehicle these off road rims are fitted to. Its appearance totally does justice to the name of the wheels, which has the word “storm” in it, propagating the notion that it can withstand any tempestuous experience on any terrain. The aftermarket rim at a first glance might appear to be soft to everyone, but the latent strength and durability in it is insurmountable, doing justice to the word “solid” as well. The wheel lip also has geometrically placed finger loops in it for easy handling. The presence of the Koko SOLID Storm rims inevitably adds an extra edge to your truck or SUV.

Available Sizes and Prices of Koko SOLID Storm Wheels

While manufacturing their latest product and releasing it to the market, WTW Corp was responsive to the different size requirements for different off road vehicles. They have made the Koko SOLID Storm wheels available in three sizes to meet the need of different off road truck owners. They are available in 20X9, 20X10 and 22X10 sizes, that sums up the requirement for approximately all the vehicles hitting the off roads. The retail prices for them have been tentatively fixed to $375 and $475, respectively. WTW Corp has employed the best team of engineers and researchers, so that the latest technology hits the road. Their retail prices seem legit enough for their quality and looks. These Koko SOLID Storm rims look best in trucks and SUVs, like; Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, and Jeeps.

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