How To Pick Your Vehicle Wrap

Deciding on a vehicle wrap can be tricky, but with some creativity and our help, you’ll be able to pick the perfect wrap that will make you proud to show off your vehicle everywhere you go! Try some of these ideas to help you decide on which wrap would be best for your car.


Wraps can vary in pricing depending on a number of factors, like design, size, and color. It’s important to set a budget before heading to Tire and Wheel Master, so that our specialized staff members can help you create a wrap that will look great on your car without killing your wallet! Going over your budget will not only put you in a bind, but it will limit your opportunities to change your wrap in the future. Stay within your budget and you will be able to save more for your next wrap!


There are so many colors to choose from that it can often be overwhelming to pick just one. Start by making a list of your favorite color choices, and then narrow them down by your top 3 favorite! If you’re not a bold person, then you might want to consider sticking with cooler hues, or neutral colors. For the daring drivers who want to make a statement, choose a color that is unique to your style and personality, or even match it to your favorite outfit to complete your look. Completely changing the color of your vehicle, even though wraps are not permanent, can be a daunting idea, so it might be wise not to stray too far out of your comfort zone.

How To Pick Your Vehicle Wrap


If you’re considering a design, whether it’s for your personal business, or just something fun, you’ll want to make sure that it is something you will want to keep on your car for an extended period of time. Sure you can always change a wrap, but why put so much time and effort into a design for people to only see it for a short while? If you are a company, seasonal designs might actually be more of a benefit if you have the budget for it. Wraps are easily interchangeable, but designs are most likely going to cost more money, so make sure it is something that will look good enlarged, and that will account for your vehicles’ curves.

Tire and Wheel Master provides quality services with the help of a professional and knowledgeable staff. For expert advice and an exceptional experience, stop by today to get help on deciding which wrap would be best for your ride!

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