How To Convince Your Girlfriend For A Truck Lift

How To Convince Your Girlfriend For A Truck Lift

Let’s face it, your girlfriend isn’t always a fan of your bright ideas…especially when it comes to your truck. But, if you’re really wanting a truck lift this Christmas, and you aren’t too sure how to convince your girlfriend otherwise…here are some fun (but in no way accurate) ways to try and get her to let you have one!

1) Drop Hints

You can try bringing it up casually in conversation. Mention how much more you would be able to see if your truck had a lift, and how much better the scenery would be if you were higher up!

2) Safety

You’re vehicle is higher up when it has a lift on it, therefore it might help to alleviate the impact of any collisions.

3) Take Care Of Your Truck

If you want to be taken seriously, then you’re probably going to have to show some responsibility with your vehicle. Keep it nice and clean inside and out, and make sure to stay up-to­date on your maintenance. This will show that one extra thing, such as a lift, won’t be a hassle!

4) Buy Her Flowers

If all else fails…buy her flowers! That should do the trick…right?

How To Convince Your Girlfriend For A Truck Lift

We’re not promising any of this will actually work… but hey it’s worth a shot right? Tire and Wheel Master has the professional help you need to install your truck lift, so if you’re ready then stop by today to check out our selection of lifts and more!

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