How To Choose The Right Rims For Your Car

How To Choose The Right Rims For Your Car

Ahh yes, you’re first set of new wheels! But, there are so many to choose from! Don’t panic! Your first set of wheels should be a fun experience, so here are some helpful tips to get you started on the right track!

1) Size

Before picking out rims, it’s important to know what size your vehicle holds. Measure the size of the factory standard rims that came on your car, and then go from there. Sometimes you can mount slightly larger sizes on your vehicle, but it just all depends on brand, make, and model. The professionals at Tire and Wheel Master will be able to help you with how large you can go.

2) Bolt Pattern

Similar to the issue of finding the right size, you’ll want to make sure that your new rims follow the same bolt pattern as your vehicle. Each vehicle is different, and has it’s own design, so take special note of the bolt pattern so that you can match them up while out shopping.

3) Performance

Besides looks, you might want to take other factors into consideration when purchasing new wheels. Depending on the type of rims you buy, they can affect your performance and handling of your vehicle. Smaller rims will add less weight to the car, thus giving you better fuel efficiency. Wider rims can help to improve precision and handling, and affect the steering of your vehicle.

How To Choose The Right Rims For Your Car

If you’re new at this wheel game, then stop by Tire and Wheel Master where you can get expert advice for the perfect rims for your vehicle, and also browse our exclusive selection of top-quality rims!

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