Happy 50th birthday, Lambo!


Meet the newest member of the Lamborghini family, VENENO.  Don’t get any ideas now, this beast is already SOLD OUT.  Wow!  Lamborghini is planning to only launch 3 cars into production that will be solely available in green, white and red (the colors of the Italian flag).

Named after a Spanish fighting bull, the Veneno comes with a 6.5-liter V-12 engine and 740hp to reach a top speed of 220mph. This $4.6 million dollar supercar reaches 60mph in under three seconds.

The Veneno mimics the aerodynamic efficiency of the Le Mans race car with the carbon-fiber chassis of the Aventador. With its sleek silhouette and powerful engine, the Veneno is sure to leave other exotic cars in the dust!



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