Giovanna Essex Wheels

Giovanna Essex wheels for sale at Tire & Wheel Master. The Giovanna Essex rims are available in the following finishes:

Giovanna offers a huge variety when it comes to aftermarket wheels. As a wheel manufacturer, it undoubtedly is one seller that believes in selling the most premium rims and maintaining the impeccable quality standards people expect of it. Giovanna has a range of wheels that cover the whole spectrum of wheel types, be it sporty looking wheels with immense durability or the ones with the regal touch to be fitted in a Royal kind of car.

Giovanna Essex Wheels in Bronze with Chrome Stainless Steel Lip Giovanna Essex Wheels in Graphite Grey with Chrome Stainless Steel Lip Giovanna Essex Wheels in Machined Black with Chrome Stainless Steel Lip Giovanna Essex Wheels in Machined Silver with Chrome Stainless Steel Lip Giovanna Essex Wheels in Semi Gloss Black with Chrome Stainless Steel Lip

As a company, they understand the needs of the customers, and more importantly, they understand that when it comes to custom wheels, the way they can prop up the look of your car is of utmost importance to them. They understand that the stock wheels a vehicle manufacturer offers these days are all too cold when compared to their sensational looking aftermarket wheels. They use this all to develop wheels, which are the most pursued in the world of aftermarket accessories.

Giovanna Essex is another feather in their cap of premium wheels that surpass others by the strength of their rims and the elegance of their looks. The Essex rims takes the style statement to a whole new level, impressing the looks of many aficionados by miles. But with all that pomp and show, you can bank on Giovanna for the quality. Giovanna has ensured that the durability in extreme conditions and the load bearing capacity sees no compromise whatsoever. So, we are not exaggerating when we tell you that Giovanna Essex wheels are one of the hottest deals for your ride.

When inspected under tough conditions, Giovanna Essex wheels performed without an itch of failure. We tested them under pre-designed tracks, harsh conditions that can make your stock fitted wheels go awry, through those scissor turns and the hilly terrain too. They seem to be made keeping all of that in mind. All our tests only strengthened our belief in the quality of Giovanna rims. Another feature we love is that you can customize them. Yes, we have heard about customized calendars, clothing and gifts, but Giovanna is offering customization for your wheels.

So now you have the full authority and independence to customize the Giovanna Essex rims as per your choice. You can give a touch of your favorite finish or an underlining of the color of your car. There are some default options painted in different shades of machined, black and silver. These Giovanna Essex wheels are for sale at the following sizes:

– 20×8.5 – 5-Lug
– 20×10 – 5-Lug
– 22×9 – 5-Lug
– 22×10.5 – 5-Lug

So without any further delays, walk up to your nearest Tire & Wheel Master store or call us to order these Giovanna Essex wheels for yourself this New Year (2015).

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