Giovanna Dublin-6 Wheels

What’s the big buzz about the new Giovanna Dublin-6 wheels? Well, they are part of the new line of Giovanna wheels for 2015. We all know the quality Giovanna delivers, and the Dublin-6 rims are no exception.

Vehicle owners no longer consider their trucks a matter of necessity. Trucks have turned into a matter of pride for people with more and more people paying attention to how appealing their vehicles look. How can one do a makeover of his truck without braking you bank account? Realizing that we need to replace the old factory rims is the easiest of the steps. What differentiates a style icon automobile from a battered down loud four wheeler is the wheels you choose for your truck. There are plenty of dealers and manufacturers to choose wheels and tires from. Feeling confused already?

Giovanna Dublin-6 Wheels in Black Finish Giovanna Dublin-6 Wheels in Bronze Finish Giovanna Dublin-6 Wheels in Chrome Finish Giovanna Dublin-6 Wheels in Machined Black Finish Giovanna Dublin-6 Wheels in Machined Silver Finish

Giovanna Dublin-6 Wheels Are The Real Deal

Don’t worry as we have done the harder part for you, testing, inspecting and reviewing. What do our results say? Giovanna Dublin-6 wheels can give anyone a run for their money.

Rolling out from an esteemed manufacturer like Giovanna, the moment we heard the name we knew we were in for some real deal, and we were not disappointed. Giovanna Dublin-6 wheels are a treat for vehicle owners who want their rides to stand out midst the automobile charade. Designed keeping the latest designs in mind, Dublin-6 rims are sure to amaze anyone who will look at your ride.

Dublin-6 Sizes and Finishes Available

Let’s start with the basics. These Giovanna Dublin-6 wheels are available in the following sizes 24×10 and 26×10, and they range from 575$ to 695$. The prices are reasonable for the quality they promise and the sleek design. Giovanna Dublin-6 rims are made up of high quality materials that ensure extended life and peak performance during demanding times. With these Dublin 6 wheels on, your truck almost glides on the road irrespective of potholes. But what is more important is the bold look they give to your truck. The classic design coupled with numerous finish options makes it a worthwhile product for the customers. Black, chrome, and machined silver rims are some of the color options available in the default category. For those of us who can not be bound by the limited options, Tire & Wheel Master blesses us with the magic wand ourselves. Yes you can go around modifying the sides or base colors of this Dublin-6 wheel until you get the one you desire. Now add the bold blue to the front side of the wheel, the classy grey to the other, or any color that you want, its all up to you. What else can you ask for? High end quality packed with mind boggling designs, Giovanna Dublin-6 is the best new year gift for your truck.

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