Gianelle Tropez Wheels

Order your set of Gianelle Tropez wheels from Tire & Wheel Master, an authorized distributor. We have the biggest inventory of custom rims in Houston, TX.

Wheels…an indispensable or probably the most crucial part of a vehicle. It is one such thing, which actually defines your vehicle and can make it a highly reputed one or can simply bring down your vehicle’s reputation. It’s clear that wheels are the most decisive factor for your vehicle, be it car, truck, or SUV.

Gianelle Tropez Wheels in Black with Machined Face Finish Gianelle Tropez Wheels in Bronze Finish Gianelle Tropez Wheels in Graphite Grey Finish Gianelle Tropez Wheels in Semi Gloss Black Finish Gianelle Tropez Wheels in Silver with Machined Face Finish

We understand that searching for the perfect aftermarket rims is not an easy task when there is an abundance of wheel manufacturers. It’s really difficult to find a wheel that could satisfy the needs of your vehicle and could make it a style statement for you. So here we are to help you out in making an apt choice for your custom wheels. We are going to tell you about the masters in this field – Gianelle Tropez rims.

Gianelle Tropez Wheels: A Treat for You

Gianelle Tropez wheels are first class wheels and are known as the best rims and tires available in the market. Gianelle wheels are best to be fitted in trucks, cars, and the best part – they can be fitted in SUVs as well. Gianelle wheels have the fame of being standard ones and give an amazing look to all vehicles, making them to be like your personality. Most Gianlle rims come with lips that give them a forged look.

Another pleasure is that Gianelle Tropez wheels are accessible in various finishes, sizes and colors. Also, if you don’t get the wheels with your choice of color, they can be custom painted at Tire and Wheel Master.

Below is given a list of sizes for the Gianelle Tropez wheels in order to give a fair idea about its price, which we would call is affordable to match the standards of your car. If you have other things in your car of high standard, but your wheels lack that standard, we believe it affects your car’s standard a lot and that is not in a good direction.

•Size – 20×10
Price – $399

•Size 20×8.5
Price – $399

•Size – 22×10.5
Price- $499

• Size – 22×9
Price – $499

•Size – 24×10
Price – $675

Now, having selected a Tropez wheel doesn’t mean ease in purchasing it. It sometimes becomes a headache. But Tire & Wheel Master understands that, and hence it makes it easy to approach them. We make the purchasing process quite easy and painless. You can place an order in store or can call us. We have a number of Gianelle Tropez rims in all of our 3 store locations in Houston, Texas.

So what are you waiting for? Come and place your order right away and have an amazing smooth experience with Gianelle Tropez wheels.

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