Best Off­Roading Spots In Texas

Best Off­Roading Spots In Texas

If you’re looking to get away and explore, then the great state of Texas offers plenty of off-roading places to fill your urge for adventure. Get out of the busy city of Houston and head on over to some exclusive spots in Texas! Check out this exciting list!


All the way up at the very top of Texas lies the famous Panhandle, where you’ll find plenty of public land to cruise around on. One of the more popular areas is the Canadian River, where there’s plenty of free riding and camping. The climate is hot and dry, so pack plenty of water and supplies for your trip.

East Texas

This part of Texas offers drivers one of the largest selections of trails in the state! Some of the larger areas can grant you access to 3,700 acres of land, while more popular destinations like the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area has 1,850 acres to explore. Each trail varies depending on skill range, and features appropriate signage to direct you to where you want to be. Visitors may also enjoy restrooms, showers, and RV hookups.

West Texas

Two of the most frequented areas are Kermit Sand Hills and Red Sands, located near El Paso. Here off­roading enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of dunes and 700 acres of trails. The climate is hot and dry, and has a desert feel, so make sure to pack plenty of water. If you plan on visiting Kermit Sand Hills, bring money for an admission fee.

Best Off­Roading Spots In Texas

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