Are Chrome Rims Going Out of Style?

Chrome rims – the very symbol of “coolness” and “awesomeness” in a car, or in other words a symbol used to gain attention. Due to the recent influx of racing and car-oriented action movies like the Fast and The Furious series, Need For Speed, etc., chrome rims have become a rage among the so called “avid car enthusiasts”. Originally, chrome was used to prevent the rims from rusting, but now have become a style statement with almost every car that claims to be “customized” with these rims.

Are Chrome Rims Going Out of Style?

That brings us to the question – “Are chrome rims going out of style?” The answer to this question isn’t really very clear. With the question being discussed in various forums across the net, many believe that chrome rims are an all-time classic and are a must, while customizing one’s ride. The chrome rims are seen as an instant profile update to one’s vehicle, and they form a vital part in improving the overall appearance of cars, trucks, and SUVs. They are considered a sheer classic that can never go wrong or out of style.

On the other hand, many also believe that chrome rims have been overplayed in the past few years and have lost the charm that they used to have way back in the late 1970’s to the early 2000’s. They are found on literally almost any vehicle that a person claims is customized or modified. These rims have become a symbol of a person trying too hard to fit into a supposed “cool gang”, resembling the old school days.

With such varying opinions on the different forums that we have, one can only conclude that while deciding on whether to fit chrome rims or not, one must keep in mind the profile of the vehicle and how it will look once fitted. Chrome rims look like they’re meant for beasts, such as the Camaro SS or the Ford Mustang, but when you see them on your own car, it will be a beautiful sight whatsoever.

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