Lumarai Kya Wheels Gloss Black with Mirror Lip

A Closer Look At Lumarai Wheels

Getting to know your different types, and brands of wheels can be a task! That’s why we put together this helpful list, so you can get a better understanding of what Lumarai wheels have to offer!

Lumarai Kya Wheels Chrome

Lumarai Kya Wheels Whrome

These shiny beasts are one-of-a-kind, and add a little extra something to your ride. The spiky, yet sleek look gives these silver rims an edgier style to make them pop when surrounded by a solid, black tire.

Lumarai Kya Wheels Gloss Black With Mirror Lip

Lumarai Kya Wheels Gloss Black with Mirror Lip

For a wheel with a menacing look, the Lumarai Kya in black features a smooth design, and finished look. The long spokes look as if they’re stretching right into the tire. It ‘s a look that surely gives people something to talk about.

Lumarai Morro Wheels Chrome

Lumarai Morro Wheels Chrome

The Morro design has a more classic look, but still creates a definitive style. Silver and sleek, they’re clean, shiny, and just plain perfect. Darker than silver, the chrome gives this wheel a mysterious shadow, creating an even more sophisticated design.

Lumarai Morro Wheels Gloss Black With Mirror Lip

Lumarai Morro Wheels Gloss Black with Mirror Lip

The Lumarai Morro wheels in black turn the modern chrome into something a little more unique. The mirror lip makes the black pop, and truly makes a statement. Simple, yet stunning, you can’t go wrong with a classic black!

At Tire and Wheel Master, you’ll find a variety of Lumarai wheels to fit the style of your vehicle. Create a custom look on your car when you add Lumarai to your look! Stop by today to get an up-close and personal view of this line of wheels for yourself!

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