4 Different Types Of Leveling Kits

4 Different Types Of Leveling Kits

Let us level with you! There are many different leveling kit options out there, so before you head to the store, get familiar with your choices. Here are 4 main leveling kit options you might come across!

1) Coil Spacer Leveling Kit

The coil spacer leveling kit resembles strut extensions, except there is a spacer that is added to the top of the spring buckets. This leveling kit will allow you to maintain your ride quality, and still enjoy the benefits of a leveling kit.

2) Torsion Key Leveling Kit

This leveling kit gives you the option to improve your lift by altering the vehicles torsion bar. By using torsion keys, and a torsion key adjuster tool you’ll be able to get the clearance you need for your vehicle.

3) Block Leveling Kit

The block leveling kit is by far the most popular out of the bunch. Preferred by most customers, this kit makes it easy to change the height of your ride in the front or rear of your vehicle.

4) Strut Extension Leveling Kit

The strut extension kit works by placing a spacer at the top of a factory strut. These kits are usually recommended for SUVs or half ton trucks that have a coilover strut for the front suspension.

4 Different Types Of Leveling Kits

Ready to buy your new leveling kit? Come visit us today, and let our experts help you find a leveling kit that’s perfect fit for your truck or SUV! there are many choice and you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong one!

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